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The ENLIGHTENED shop provides premium-quality silicone cheek retractors, which are a necessary tool for SAFE teeth whitening. The retractor gently pulls the cheek without causing any stress or trauma to the oral tissues. The silicone retractor shields the tongue, lips, and cheeks from the whitening light and whitening gel. The available colors are blue, light blue, teal and pink. The retractor can be disinfected with 135 degrees at high pressure with repeated cycles. 

Cleaning Instructions:

1 Using a damp cloth, wipe the retractor and remove any visible debris. 

2 Soak for 10 minutes in a disinfecting solution with a pH of at least 4. 

3 For Sterilization Boil the retractor at a high temperature for 5 minutes. 
Repeat steps if necessary  

Manufacturer’s Note: Retractors can be disinfected at 135° temperature. High temperature and high pressure disinfection can be repeated

When in doubt contact dental office for proper processing of this instrument. 

TIP: add FACIAL GAUZE to protect you client from unnecessary light exposure AND saliva.