L POP Tooth Gem Adhesive

L POP Tooth Gem Adhesive

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Self Etching Bond Gem adhesive helps to bind the tooth gem for best retention. They are safe and easy to use; dental grade. A single pop is sufficient for an application with one client- multiple gems. The L pop gem adhesive has self-etching properties, meaning lasting results 

User guide:

Clean the surface of the tooth with cotton/gauze

Apply etch gel, wipe away after 30 seconds 

Open the L-POP, use small amount on the tooth where gem will be and cure with light

Apply flowable composite and place the tooth gem

Wipe any excess composite before you cure

Cure the gem for 2-3 min on all sides for a final and long-lasting bond

Best dental bond made by 3M, can be use with any brand of etch or composite.