Gingival Barrier

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A gum/gingival barrier is used to protect the gums during in-office teeth whitening, dental abrasion, and other cosmetic procedures. It is extremely light and has great sealing capabilities. The angled tip makes it easier to apply the barrier. Self-curing and light-curing options are available for the gum barrier resin. The gum barrier provides adequate protection and isolation during the whitening procedure. The gum barrier can be readily removed at the end. 

User Guide:

The following are the steps for the application of the gum barrier.

1. Dry the gums.

2. Put in the dental cheek retractor to show the area of application.

3. Apply the 2-4 mm viscous barrier along the gingival margins and cover the 1 mm subgingival area.

4. Use curing light for 10-40 seconds for the setting of the gum barrier.

TIP: ADD LARGE COTTON ROLL for max protection and saliva control