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Enlightened Smiles’ beautiful tooth gem kit is approved by dental professionals. It has all the necessary elements for a DIY tooth gem, with complete instructions. You can easily place the bonding gel and tooth gem with dental grade adhesive and a light curing tool included. A temporary tooth gem can last up to 2-4 months and can be used for many occasions. 

The kit has all you need,  including gems, etching gel, bonding composite, curing light, lip balm and an exciting gift! 

Steps to application:

  • Rinse your tooth and pat dry.
  • Apply a small amount of blue etchant gel with a tiny brush.
  • wipe off completely
  • Apply a small amount of composite flowable material with a tiny brush.
  • Insert your preferred tooth gem
  • Cure the tooth gem with curing light

+*****These take a few DAYS  to assemble and make sure everything is perfect like color size and gems so please be patient and respond back so you get it in a timely manner. Price varies for gem design. #fulltransparency I get my gems in downtown LA from an Austrian couple in a small vendors/wholesale shop. True Swarovski. SS7 and 9 for now